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An amazing season for the Worcester County Wildcats has come to an end in the Championship game. The Wildcats fell to the Somerville Rampage by a score of 21 - 13. These two teams earned the right to be top contenders for the grand prize.

For those who may not know, the Wildcats have evolved from a just 3 years ago with a 2 - 8 record, to a 4 - 6 record and a playoff win to 2nd round in 2014 and now, Divisional Champs at 7 - 3 with the right to host Round one, Round two and the highest honor of the Championship game!

Congratulations to the Somerville Rampage for their Championship win. The battle was all it was billed to be. The Wildcats came up short, but the battle of great men, doing great things will continue to be honored and live on for years to come.

In the next week, the Wildcats will be announcing the 2015 All Star selection of 7 athletes to play in the 2015 All Star game. This event is being played for the first time at Foley Stadium in Worcester on November 21st. Stay tuned, More details to come.

So while the 2015 campaign is officially over, the 2016 recruitment campaign has officially begun. Those who are interested in leaving their legacy behind in the greatest sport known to man, don't hesitate to reach out and find out what it takes to be a Wildcat!

Contact us at (text or call) 508-410-1728 or email us at You can also message us on Facebook. Now it's time to leave your legacy behind on the football field!

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