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This Saturday August 19th at 6:30pm, the Wildcats will be hosting the Green Valley Blackhawks for a rematch of Week 3, where the Blackhawks capitalized on turnovers for a 31 - 0 win over the Wildcats.

The Wildcats seek a chance at redemption and to balance the series at 1 - 1, while the Blackhawks look to remain 3 -2 and in fourth place, The Wildcats are looking to prove that being tied for 6th place is just a fluke and that they are better than their record states.

Last week the Wildcats lost to the undefeated Wolverines 14 - 0. With 3 interceptions, the Wildcats battled to the end, but could not generate the offensive points needed to make a difference.

Today's game is looking to be a perfect day for football with a forecast of 80 degrees and sunny. Why be anywhere else.

Come show your support for the Wildcats tonight at Foley Stadium. Kick-Off at 6:30pm.

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