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The Curse is Broken

What an exciting night for the Wildcats in Leominster last night. The Wildcats (5 - 3) traveled to Sabercats ( 4 - 4) with playoff dreams and possible home field advantage in the first round on the line.

With what looked to be a tough defensive battle between both teams in the first quarter, quickly changed in favor of the Wildcats. Initially the Wildcats offense struggled to connect in the end zone, but once they did, the Wildcats were on fire.

#11 Tim Bushey had a great night connecting with his receivers. #8 Martell Hughes had 2 scores, #4 Justin Sundara had 2 scores and #7 Zander Givins Perry had 1 score.

The Wildcats only allowed 1 score and limited the Sabercats to under 150 yards of total offense.

Final score 34 - 6 and the Wildcats have secured a #2 seed with a Blackhawk and a Shark loss this week.

Next week the Wildcats host their final regular season game against a tough Hurricanes team. The Hurricanes shut out the Sharks 0 - 8 and in the first matchup, almost defeated the Wildcats in a 12 - 10 score.

Week 10 matchup will be played at Foley Stadium against the Hurricanes @ 6:30 pm.

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