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A Regular Season, CHAMPIONSHIP TYPE Battle for Top Seed

The Wildcats and Nightmare first met in Game #1 of the 2018 Season. It was clear that the Nightmare were capable of bringing some bad dreams to their opponents, however, thankfully the Wildcats never slept on them and were able to pull a 28 - 0 win to start off the season. Since game one, the Nightmare have gone on a winning streak of 7 straight games and are currently tied for the #1 spot with the Wildcats.

This match-up brings together the #1 ranked Offense of the Wildcats and the #1 ranked Defense of the Nightmare. No doubt a championship caliber game with the #1 seed and home field advantage throughout the playoffs possibly on the line.

If you are looking for some exciting football with passion and drive fueling the outcome, make sure you get down to Foley Stadium on Saturday at 6:30 pm. A "MUST SEE" game.

Tickets are:

Adults - $10 6 to 13 y/o - $5 5 and Under - Free

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