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Wildcats Handle Business, On to Tigers

When the Wildcats match up with the Blackhawks the fans can always expect a thriller. This game on July 27th on Blackhawks field was no different. As the final score of 21 – 19 would indicate, the game came down to a safety on the Blackhawks that separated the two teams final scores. With no time left on the clock, the Wildcats win and improve to a 2 – 0 Record as they prepare for game 3 this weekend against the Mystic Valley Tigers.

The Tigers are struggling to find their identity at 0 – 2, while the Wildcats are looking to maintain their winning ways. With any given Saturday always in the rear view mirror, There is no good time to sleep on a team always looking to debunk an undefeated one. This game will be in Boston at Kelly Field on 25 Turtle Pond Parkway in Hyde Park, MA 02136 with a 7pm Kick-Off time.

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