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Battle for #1 Seed

The Battle for #1 starts Sunday at 4:30pm when the Connecticut Green Valley Blackhawks come to Worcester for a slug fest rematch.

Both the Wildcats and Blackhawks are tied at 7 – 1 and both have a chance to lock in #1 spot after tonight’s came. The last game this season between the two teams, the Wildcats pulled off a 2 point win (21 – 19). The Blackhawks have gone on to win every game since game 2 and will look for redemption.

These two teams have had a long standing rivalry for over 7 years. We all know that history will not win you games, but history sure has proven that this game is always a “DO NOT MISS” type of game. So come down to support your local Wildcats team. This game is promised to be an exciting game between two exciting teams at Foley Stadium in Worcester. Kick-Off scheduled for 4:30pm.

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